Dotpeenator CO15

Dotpeenator CO15 Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Machine

  • Marking Area: 205mm x 105mm
  • Larger work area, ideal for large parts
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pin
  • Pin Type Selector
  • 1 USB port, 1 RS232 port
  • High Precision
  • Durable, heavy duty
  • Used with a Windows computer
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The C axis on the 3D model is optional*

Prominent Features of the CO15

Bigger Marking Area

Ideal for businesses that need to mark larger parts. Mark larger pieces.

Durable Structure

All of our marking machines are ready for heavy duty operations and produced using quality material.

Pin Type Selector

Choose and switch between our surface difference tolerant and high speed pins. Control the air flow.

Windows Based

Run your dot peen marking machine with the world’s most popular operating system.

Optional Features

Pin Cartridge Sets

A pin cartridge set comes free with a Dotpeenator, but if you feel you need more sets you can get them here.

Motorized Z Axis

Motorized Z axis option enables you to adjust the height of your Dotpeenator easier using motors.

C Axis

C axis option enables you to tilt your machines head and mark on parts or surfaces that cannot be adjusted.

Mechanic Indexing Head

Mechanic indexing head allows you to mark on circular objects more effortless and precise.

Pneumatic Indexing Head

Pneumatic indexing head allows you to mark on circular objects more effortless and precise, with air.

Tag Holder

Allows to secure your tags on to the machines T slot base, stabilizing parts is essential for dot peen marking.

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